Veronique Coty’s private collection

François Coty – A lifetime of fragrance

A window on the universe of fragrance and perfumery items in the 1930’s society. Witness of a French inventiveness extremely dynamic linked to the international success of modern perfumery initiated by François Coty.

The collection follows the chronological pattern of the olfactory creations from 1904 until 1974. That is from the initial bottles signed by René Lalique or made by Baccarat to the Coty creations after François Coty’s time. Perfume bottles with original and elegant shapes, powders, reds and beauty products delicately packaged, colognes and travel cases, boxes along with personal belongings. The whole collection gathers some 300 items and stimulates this so particular taste for the refinement of what luxury “à la française” is about.


The exhibition of the Collection is an enriched journey with a detailed historical context that offers an original stance on society, economics, politics and the artistic life of the time.

François Coty – A lifetime of fragrance, Puteaux

The olfactory part of the exhibition is made possible thanks to the Osmotheque de Versailles, France. Its precious mission is to preserve the world heritage of perfumery and to provide us with access to forgotten fragrances. Formulas are archived and perfumes can be...