Phenix Award’s rules

1/ Candidates for the award must have created a perfume of certain renown launched the year before the award.

2/ The commission, composed by the president of the Phenix Association and expert members ‘neutral’, will establish a list of perfumers and solicit the assistance and advice of specialists (Commission of the French Society of Perfumers, the Versailles Osmothèque, International perfume Conservatoire, etc.).

3/ A list of 10 perfumes and their creators, will be made by the commission. The choice concerns the frangrance only without its communication tools such as campaign and packaging.

4/ The nominees will all be individually contacted and requested to accept the rules and conditions set by the commission. Each of them will send to the commission a career biography along with 3 samples of their creations with description, to enable an evaluation process by the members of the jury.

5/ The jury is composed of 5 to 7 individuals including a president, former award recipients and other personalities chosen for beeing olfactory expert and able to make a preference choice according to the different criteria provided.

6/ Each member of the jury receives for its study a blind-test box. He must choose 3 perfumers by order of preference. 3 points are attributed to the first,  two to the second and one to the third. The points are added for each nominee and the award recipient is the person who gets the most points.

7/ Each member of the jury is expected to uphold total discretion in the judging process. Only the name of the award recipient will be divulged at the ceremony and will remain secret until that moment. The names of all the other nominees must not be communicated.

8/ The president of the jury will announce the name of the award recipient and will discern the Lalique trophy during a special evening on November 28th in Paris.

Award laureate recipients of the Phenix Award 

2022 : Delphine Jelk
2021 : Fabrice Pellegrin
2019 : Shyamala Maisondieu
2018 : Emilie Coppermann
2010 : Olivier Pescheux
2009 : Olivier Polge
2008 : Dominique Ropion
2007 : Christine Nagel
2005 : Sophie Labbé
2004 : Jacques Cavallier
2003 : Alberto Morillas
2002 : Maurice Roucel
2001 : Francis Kurkdjian
2000 : Jean Guichard

Price of Honour

Anne Flipo
Christopher Sheldrake
Michel Almairac
Jean-Paul Guerlain
Jean Kerléo
Edmond Roudnistska